Brentan Alexander, Ph.D.

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No, we’re not running out of Helium

I’m often frustrated when reading science coverage in the national press. There are often a number of inaccuracies and misleading narratives that are routinely embedded in the stories that seem to get picked up by a wide variety of outlets. Seeking a catchy headline or narrative, the articles often distort the science and draw erroneous […]

Resolutions: Keep it real

Time to close out January 2019 with my next resolution for technology innovators: test your tech in the real-world! Having spent a number of years in academic and early-stage R&D, I understand the desire to use highly controlled conditions and parameters when putting together testing programs. When you are working to understand fundamental aspects of […]

Stop Planning to Fail: Resolutions to avoid common mistakes in tech deployment

In my role as Chief Science Officer at New Energy Risk, I regularly see how companies struggle to balance the competing needs of technology development and deployment.  Reaching market is a tug-of-war between the commercial imperative of demonstrating that all aspects of a technology are proven and the financial necessity of delivering product and building […]